Computer Forensics

Finding that needle in the haystack. Sensible Solutions and Support offers a wide range of digital forensic services specific to each client’s needs. We have provided expert testimony in court.

Proactive Protection

Our most popular support service. Sensible Solutions and Support, LLC will solve problems involving malicious software such as rootkits, malware and viruses. We clean your computer and teach you the best practices to prevent further infections.

We offer regularly scheduled maintenance for your computers and networks and provide that maintenance specific to your needs including: updates, memory status, subscriptions verifications, disk cleanup and small housekeeping tasks.

We can monitor your backup to be sure that it is running on time and as expected. Losing data is not the way in which to discover any failing backup practices.

We offer remote support saving time and money in computer maintenance costs.

We can retrieve data on a failed drive (in most cases), assist in repairing or finding you a new one, and can transferring data from the old system to the new system.

We offer cloud back-up that is secure and cost effective.  If you are interested you may “try  it” before you “buy it”.