Computer Forensics

FINDING THAT NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK. Sensible Solutions and Support offers a wide range of digital forensic services specific to each client’s needs.


CYBER-CRIME and LITIGATION: With the rise in digital technology our vulnerabilities increase. With the advent and prevalence of email, instant messaging, social networking and other forms of electronic communication, when things go wrong it is crucial to be able to forensically locate, extract, collect and preserve important evidence quickly.

Computer forensics is the non-invasive recovery of all available electronic information from hard drives and other data storage devices. This includes information most think are lost such as deleted files, file fragments and temporary data.

Laurie Mintzer , successfully completed the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE, LLC), series of exams to award her the CCE (Certified Computer Examiner).  The foundation of this certification maintains a fair, uncompromised process for certifying the competency of forensic computer examiners and sets high forensic and ethical standards for forensic computer examiners.

Laurie successfully completed the University of Syracuse Cyber Security Law & Policy course in November 2014.

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We are committed to fighting cyber-crime in Central Vermont; and to assisting attorneys and their clients in obtaining important evidence when time is of the essence.