23 Years of Computer System & Data Network Experience + 5 years Computer Forensic Experience = A winning combination


Strategies to protect your system, your company information and data are a key component in our “connected” working environment. Ensure that your data is protected by gaining knowledge in security and protection methods, Sensible Solutions & Support, LLC will provide solutions that can meet your needs. We will explain it so you understand it. Laurie is a member of the Tampa Bay Infragard.

Computer Forensics

Methods used to gather computer evidence, which is then analyzed and presented to a court of law to prove the illegal activity. Sound forensic methods must be used to conduct the investigation. Don’t risk hiring someone that has not been trained properly.  We have the training and the knowledge. We have experience. We have the tools. Contact us today.

Nexlink® Computer Hardware

We recommend and install Nexlink® computer hardware built by Seneca Data. They have been building quality computing products for business applications sold nationwide for over 26 years. Built in the U.S. they are built with top quality components and are available with both Intel® and AMD® processors, and is designed and tested to meet Microsoft’s standards. Our computers are supported locally.


With business networks our area of expertise, we help businesses make the most of cutting edge technology for interoffice and internet e-mail, data transfer, and fast servers.

Our Philosophy

With experience, knowledge, and reliability, Sensible Solutions & Support, LLC offers solutions for networks, cloud backup, and troubleshooting those FRUSTRATING issues. We ensure that when our work is done, our clients both understand and can be confident in the solutions that we have provided. We are trustworthy and can do most support sessions remotely.

We we stand 100% behind our systems and support. We do not out source our technical support. We provide support before, during and AFTER the sale.


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